Roswick Completes Advanced Face to Fit Training

Roswick teams have recently completed advanced face to fit training in order to ensure wearers of tight fitting face pieces are safely worn and fitted correctly at all times.

The recent training which involves both practical and theory tests, provided vital skills and knowledge to protect Roswick’s staff against harmful airborn substances.

All site foremen also completed first aid training to ensure they are eligible to safely perform first aid in an emergency.

All operatives passed the course and the importance of this training became evident when one of Roswick’s operatives had to use his skills 6 days later on a member of the public.

Roswick are highly committed to health and safety for all of their staff and a range of other programmes have been planned for the year ahead.

Training was completed by in house trainer Stephanie O’Connor, to ensure compliance as part of Roswick’s Safety and Training Plan for 2017.

Stephanie O’Connor, Head of Health and Safety at Roswick said:

“Myself and the team aim to advance our health and safety training and taking part in this course has allowed us to progress with this.
We take safety very seriously here at Roswick and we want to give all of our teams advanced health and safety training throughout the year, to ensure everyone goes home safe at the end of their working day.”